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Advocacy on behalf of the AmCham membership and Kazakhstan's business community

at large, both foreign and local, is one of the Chamber's major activities, a sign of the Chamber's maturity as Kazahstan's leading foreign business association.  Beginning in 2008, AmCham adopted a pro-active stance on investment issues, entering into a close consultative relationship with the Prime Minister's Office.  The progression and development of AmCham advocacy can be traced in the following time-line:


2008 - 2009 - U.S.- Kazakhstan Public-Private Economic Partnership Initiative (PPEPI) 

Launch of the U.S.-Kazakhstan Public-Private Economic Partnership Initiative (PPEPI),

a USAID co-funded program headed by AmCham in Kazakhstan and by the Prime Minister's Office.   A comprehensive program of consultations, White Papers, conferences, publications, and media outreach, PPEPI was built around five 'pillars' regarded as crucial for Kazakhstan's economic development:  Rule of Law/Anti-Corruption, Economic Diversification, Regional Economic Development, Economic Efficiency/Transparency,  and Scientific/Technological Cooperation.


2009 - 2010  -  AmCham Economic Policy Program (AEPP)

Following the successful completion of PPEPI, AmCham assumed full leadership of the program with its in-house secretariat, continuing to work closely with the PMO on consultations, presentation of White Papers, conferences, and other PPEPI activities.  The program was now entitled the AmCham Economic Policy Program (AEPP) and its conferences became the AmCham Economic Policy Forum (AEPF).


2010 - 2011  -  AmCham Economic Policy Program (AEPP) Inter-Ministerial WGs

At the suggestion of the Deputy Prime Minister, AmCham began to participate in

inter-ministerial working groups to promote implementation of recommendations presented in the AEPP White Papers, AmCham publications, and AEPF conferences.  Of particular importance was the inter-ministerial group within the Justice Ministry.


2012 - AEPP Expands - AmCham-Prime Minister's Council to Improve the Investment Climate

At the suggestion of Prime Minister Karim Massimov, in early 2012 AmCham was asked to form a Council of prominent members and ambassadors to meet monthly under the Prime Minister's chairmanship to discuss priority issues for the investment community.  A standard feature of Council meetings is the presence of international experts and international organizations invited from abroad to deliver presentations.  AEPF conferences and publications continue.


2013 - AEPP and Council to Improve the Investment Climate Continue to Evolve

Under new Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov, the Council to Improve the Investment Climate continues to meet and to discuss new issues as they arise.  A working group was formed at the Ministry of Environmental Protection to discuss reform of environmental legislation.  The government plan to create a National Chamber of Entrepreneurs with obligatory membership becomes a priority issue for the year.


Recent AEPF Conferences, Astana and Almaty 2011 - 2013


1.         Creating a Green Economy for Kazakhstan - April 2013

2.         Kazakhstan's Regional and Global Integration: The Customs Union and WTO - October 2012

3.         Basel III - Global Banking Reform: Applications for Kazakhstan's Banks - March 2012

4.         Banking Reform in Kazakhstan: Stability in a Volatile Environment - October 2011

5.         Rule of Law: Protecting Investor Rights - June 2011

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Executive Director’s Message

On behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan, I wish to welcome you to the AmCham website, which outlines our mission, objectives, and activities on behalf of Kazakhstan’s trade and investment community, both foreign and domestic.



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