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Networking and Knowledge

Probably the most frequent reason for new members to join the Chamber is the desire to network with other members and companies. Whether large or small, foreign businesses from every national background feel the need to overcome their isolation both for social and for business purposes. Local businesses also feel an acute need to be part of the global investment and trade environment, to absorb the business values and methods that have served American companies so well around the world, and to network with the aim of expanding their businesses.

The many AmCham events in different cities of Kazakhstan throughout the year provide opportunities for member networking and socializing. Several family events also take place on major American holidays. The Awards Gala in the spring is a high profile, black-tie event attended by CEOs and Corporate Executives, Ambassadors, and Cabinet Ministers.

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AmCham Economic Policy Conferences

AmCham day-long conferences are held each year on advocacy priorities under the AmCham Economic Policy Program.  Ten such conferences have been held in recent years. In the spring of 2015 a conference was held on Kazakhstan's Food Security: The Urgency of Agriculture and Agribusiness Development, opened by the Minister of Agriculture with Keynote Speeches by the U.S. and Canadian Ambassadors.  A 2013 conference was devoted to Creating a Green Economy for Kazakhstan, opened by the Minister for Environmental Protection with a large media presence. The AmCham conferences feature Cabinet Ministers, prominent speakers from the diplomatic and international financial communities, and prominent corporate members.  The conferences alternate between Almaty and Astana, and serve to bring economic issues into the public forum.


Business Roundtable Luncheons

The AmCham Luncheon Business Roundtables feature experts in the business community and government leaders who speak on economic and trade issues that impact Kazakhstan, the region, and the global environment. Roundtables take place monthly in Almaty. Recent speakers have been the Governor of the National Bank, the Minister for Economic Integration, and the Governor of the Astana International Financial Center.



AmCham's monthly Sundowners networking evenings allow Chamber members and guests to meet in a share their experiences, learn about the work of other members, establish relationships that benefit their own businesses, and maintain a sense of community. Fully sponsored by an AmCham member, these monthly cocktail receptions are held at Almaty's most popular restaurants where attendance, often approaching 200, attests to the popularity of the events.

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Holiday / Gala Events

In addition to AmCham’s monthly activities, the Chamber sponsors 3 major annual events that bring together members to socialize, share knowledge, and celebrate member achievements. U.S. Independence Day and U.S Thanksgiving are family events that feature live entertainment, children’s activities, and a traditional American menu. The AmCham May Awards Gala is a glittering high profile evening for Corporate CEOs, Executives, Diplomats, and Cabinet Ministers at which 13 adjudicated awards are presented to companies and individuals for annual achievements.

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