Saule Zhakayeva

Saule Zhakayeva has been appointed as a Chairperson of Citibank Kazakhstan in September 2021. Saule has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, occupying managing positions at Citi Kazakhstan for 20 years. She served as the Deputy Chairperson from 2004.

Ms. Zhakayeva has significant experience in the largest financial institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During her career at Citi, Saule led Operations and Technology, was responsible for market-leading Citi Transactions Services and solutions including liquidity management, trade services and finance, securities and funds services. In 2012, Saule was appointed as Corporate Banking Head and later, in 2015, has been leading all coverage business including Corporate Banking and Global Subsidiaries businesses. In this role, she was responsible for Citi coverage business in Kazakhstan, including developing and implementing the business strategy, fostering client relationships, managing risk and controls, and protecting and enhancing Citi’s reputation in the region. Saule has been participating in a number of debt and equity capital markets and financing transactions as well as in leading sizable trade, direct custody clearing and liquidity management transactions.

Saule holds Master’s degree from HEC Business School (Paris, France); International Academy of Business (Almaty, Kazakhstan); Kazakh Management Academy majoring in Finance and Credit (Almaty, Kazakhstan).