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DELOITTE: When will Kazakhstan return to pre-coronavirus oil production? An overview of the country's oilfield services market in 2020 and forecast for the coming years.

The collapse of oil prices amid the pandemic led to a decrease in funding for oilfield services. In a new survey, the Deloitte Research Center assessed the implications of changes in the oil market in 2020. An article published by presents the key findings from that study on the prospects for oil production across the world and in Kazakhstan, oilfield service financing and the largest oilfield services market segments.

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DELOITTE: Countering corporate fraud. Survey findings

Deloitte Forensic conducted a survey across CIS for 2019 - 2020 to understand which companies are most susceptible to corporate fraud, how to most effectively fight fraud and the best way to assess potential fraud-related losses. Click on the link to see the results

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DELOITTE: China Fears Western Financial Risks

According to the latest data released by its National Bureau of Statistics, China's GDP grew by 2.3% in 2020, cementing its position as the first major global economy to bounce back from the crippling effects of COVID-19. The results for the fourth quarter of 2020 were even more surprising, with GDP expanding 6.5%year-on-year. Growth could even reach as high as 7-8% in 2021.

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DELOITTE: 2021 Global Health Care Outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing enormous strain on the global health care sector’s workforce, infrastructure, and supply chain, and exposing social inequities in health and care. COVID-19 is also accelerating change across the ecosystem and forcing public and private health systems to adapt and innovate in a shortperiod.

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DELOITTE: Corporate anti-corruption compliance

Recent changes to anti-corruption compliance law in Kazakhstan have extended its scope of application, as well as the circle of decision-makers and the irresponsibilities.

Author Dariga Tokpayeva, Senior Lawyer, Tax and Legal Department, Deloitte Caspian

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DELOITTE: Kazakhstan's double taxation treaties and tax code article 666 - resolving a web of complexities

By virtue  of  the  nature  of  its  economy, Kazakhstan’s prosperity  depends  in  large  measure upon  its  ability  to effectively do business with othernations and for trade to be able to pass as smoothly as possible across the country’s frontiers.

Details of the Kazakhstan's double taxation treaties and tax code article 666 - resolving a web of complexities revealed for readers of Investors ’Voice, Anthony Mahon - Partner, CIS International Oil & Gas Center of Excellence Leader.

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DELOITTE: Ambiguities in Kazakhstan’s new dividend taxation policy

Our experts from the Tax and Legal department Deloitte in Kazakhstan: Nazira Nurbayeva - Partner, Andrey Zakharchuk - Partner, Karina Kalimzhanova – Manager, talk in detail about ambiguities in Kazakhstan’s new dividend taxation policy which has been amended from 1 January 2021 to significantly change how dividends paid by Kazakhstan companies to foreign investors are taxed and to make it more difficult to fully exempt profit distributions from tax in Kazakhstan. 

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