August 2020 - Deloitte News Uzbekistan, Kz Google Tax, Kz Business Climate

DELOITTE: Public-private partnershipand investment projects in Uzbekistan. Which is more profitable?

Deloitte experts discuss choosing a mechanism for structuring an investment project. Systemic reforms indicate Uzbekistan is open for investment. In February this year, businesses with foreign capital in Uzbekistan showed a 37% increase over 2019.  Read more


DELOITTE: Deloitte in Uzbekistan receives Investment Consultant License

With an Investment Consultant License, Deloitte in Uzbekistan is able to advise on issuance, listing and circulation of securities; to analyse and forecast the securities market and its participants, and advise companies preparing for IPOs.   Read more


DELOITTE: Kazakhstan plans to introduce a tax on Google.  How will this affect businesses?

The Majilis is considering making overseas organisations providing internet services pay VAT in Kazakhstan. Read more on Difficulties may arise with the taxing overseas companies not physically present in the country.  Read more on

DELOITTE: New legislative amendments do not clarify corporate issues in Kazakhstan.

The end of June saw amendments passed to improve the business climate in Kazakhstan.  Read more

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